Introducing Perfect Lines Restorations, a collaboration in Porsche dynamics

Perfect Lines Restorations is a collaboration brought to life by Joel Cervantes and Alex Raygoza. Joel’s background is in aviation interiors for corporate and private jets for over 30 years. An industry known for its high demands of opulence and precision innovations. Joel has built a reputation for being able to fabricate interiors that most could only dream of. If you could dream it, he could build it. Believing the motto of you work hard and never compromise the quality of work, the work will sell itself. He has sold his aviation interior company of 22 years to follow his passion for Porsches. This is a love affair started that started in his teens longing for the day he could afford his own.

Alex started working in the automotive repair industry at the early age of 15. His eye for detail, drive for excellence, and raw talent was the cause for frustration until he found a home in the restoration of Porsches. Now at the age of 30 with the majority of his experience in restoration. He is now respected and sought after due to his superior skill in metal fabrication and paint and body work. His passion and drive is always expressed in the results of his work and has left the most demanding of Porsche enthusiasts satisfied.

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