When a car is disassembled, it is done carefully paying attention to any hidden repairs that may be required. These issues will be communicated to the customer and a solution will be agreed upon before moving forward to avoid any hidden charges. necessary repairs will then be completed. At this point, all the parts will be inventoried and stored.


Custom Metal & Fabrication

There is no job too big or small. Whether you are looking for a concour restoration (returning a car to its original factory condition), or a complete custom fabrication, our professionals are true artisans and are sure to exceed your expectations.

Body Work & Preparation

In this part of the process, the tub and all the body parts are prepped by.... They are then etched, primed and block sanded. Once completed, this is when the undercoating is applied. The body is then masked for painting. The car is now ready for its fresh new coat.


The body is moved to the paint booth where the desired color is applied. After several coats have been applied and has had ample time to cure, it is then wet sanded down to a 2500 grit. At this time, a three-stage polishing process takes place. The true beauty of the work is now apparent. Any imperfections that may appear are then addressed and corrected until nothing less than perfection is achieved.


This is the final step of the process. This is when all the parts that were removed, and after any hidden problems have been addressed, and/or any custom parts have been made, are meticulously reassembled. Eager to get back on the road, the car is now ready for pick up.